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Established in 1960, ROCKFIBRAS do Brasil is the former Owens-Corning Insulation Division in South America.

Development, manufacture and sale of products used in building and industrial construction, household appliances and automotive industries; mainly for thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection.
Product Lines:
Basalt rockwool - THERMAX®
felts, panel, slabs, stitched mats, faced panels, preformed pipes, ceiling boards, pressed parts and loose wool.

Calcium silicate - ROCK-SIL®

preformed pipes, segments, boards and insulation cement.

Basalt wool for exhaust systems

loose wool, uncured resin mat, molded parts and pipe sections (cylinders) for silencers.
Quality System:
ISO 9001 - Certified by FCAV/INMETRO/IQNet
Plant Locations:
1) Guararema (80 km from São Paulo-SP)
50000 m² land
15000 m² buildings
Personnel: 250

2) Boituva (120 km from São Paulo-SP)
90000 m² land
6000 m² buildings
Personnel: 100

Guararema - SP
Boituva - SP